Monday, October 10, 2011

Nutrition Monday

Chew your food!!!
Did you know...

1- first and most important TAKE SMALLER BITES!!! Why is it we need to eat a hamburger in 4 bites. One bite should be about the size of the TIP of your thumb

2- chew your food until it becomes liquid. Some say chew 20-50 times, I am Not going to count my "chews", cause I enjoy conversation during meal times. I do however chew until it is liquid.

3- pit your fork down between bites, and enjoy the flavor of your food. If you are saying " fork???, I don't eat with a fork" that means you are consuming fast food and processed foods and we will talk about that another week.

WHY OH WHY should I chew my food better? What are the benefits?

1- people who chew their food longer are less likely to be obese.You mind tells you body your full, therefor you will

2- Digest enzymes are released in your saliva and so your food starts to digest before it hits your stomach.
The you will have less GAS AND BLOATING!

3- vitamin are absorbed from your food when you chew until liquid.

So give your self a goal. SLOW DOWN, CHEW YOUR FOOD!

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